about us

Jessica Tran

Owner / Operator & Head Detailer

A proud owner/operator of Studio 94! She loves taking a scientific approach to detailing, which some people might call “over the top”, but over the top is what she does best. If Jess isn’t in the studio floor she’s probably drinking a modelo and editing TikToks.

Brandon Harada

Owner / Operator

Studio 94’s resident “it” guy. The tagline around here is that whatever “it” is, Brandon can make “it” happen. The fact that you’re reading this bio, on this website, and booking a detail, is all possible because Brandon made it happen.

Michael “Swanky” Estrada

Head Detailer

Coming in hot with 8 years of detail experience under his (powerlifting) belt, Swanky is the resident paint correction specialist here at Studio 94. When he’s not detailing you can probably find him and his dog Mill at the gym casually deadlifting 580lbs while blasting TikTok’s trending songs.


Daulton Lantow

Head Detailer

Studio 94’s very first team member! Daulton has been here since day one when we were still a mobile detailing service. We’re so grateful we were able to poach him from the Vans Skate Team and add his 4 years of detail experience to the studio roster.