Most frequent questions and answers
Absolutely! We are an authorized dealer and installer with Llumar Tint. We carry their carbon dyed atc and the Nano Ceramic IRX. American Made film with a lifetime transferable warranty on the film and 10 year labor warranty with Studio 94. All tint jobs come with free exterior wash. Bundle discounts are available for Tint+Ceramic Coatings.

Yes we now offer Paintless Dent Repair, send us pictures through email after we reply to your appointment request

When you go to the pricing page the only but most important difference is the 1 step paint enhancement which is part of the signature detail, and not the standard detail.  If you want to remove water spots, paint swirling, micro scratches, light oxidation, then you must select a signature detail.  The standard detail still removes embedded contaminants as the vehicle gets clay barred, iron removed, deep cleaned and sealed.  For black vehicles, a signature is almost always recommended as everything shows up on black paint.

A standard interior does not get shampooed or steamed.  It is not a super deep clean, every one of our packages includes a standard interior which is a basic vacuum, all areas get wiped down and nourished to protect the leather and plastics.  If you want every nook and cranny to get picked and cleaned, you must select the full interior or ask for a full interior upgrade.  This will cost extra based on the size and condition of your vehicle.

The 1 year ceramic coating is an upgrade that starts at $200+ for sedans on top of a signature detail.  It can ONLY be added on if you get a signature detail first as it requires a polished surface to ensure the coating bonds properly to an even and smooth surface.  It lasts for 1 year.  The level 1, 2, and 3 Ceramic coating also includes the signature package as that is part of the prep process for a Ceramic coating.  It lasts on average 5 years (manufacturer says 10 years) as we now use a new and improved spray gun ceramic tech.  If you are asking yourself what is the difference between the level 1,2,3 ceramic coating see the question right under this =)

The level 1 is a 1 step paint enhancement polish before applying the ceramic coating.  It removes light swirling, water spots, micro scratches and oxidation.  The level 1 removes approximately 40-50% of defects on the clear coat surface  The level 2 is a 2 step paint enhancement which we go over the entire car TWICE.  First with a compound to remove deeper scratches, and more swirling and oxidation. Then polishing the car to enhance the gloss and bring out the beauty of the natural paint.  This level 2  removes approximately 70-80% of defects on the clear coat surface.  Then the level 3 includes spot wet sanding to really dig deep and go as far as we can to remove scratches (if the scratch is past the clear coat we cannot get it out) The level 3 also includes ceramic coating on the windshield, trim parts of the vehicle, and the wheel faces.  These can also be added ala carte on to the level 1 or 2.

We now offer a maintenance wash only starting at $75 for existing clients who want to upkeep those incredible results without damaging the paint or ceramic coating at your normal car wash locations.  In order to be on the maintenance plan, you will need to come in about once a month.  Any longer, then a mini express will be needed.  We also offer a mini express detail that starts at $150.  Both of these services you can request same day service as it will take only about an hour to an hour and a half.  We will get you in and out while you can wait in our lounge and you do not need a prior appointment as you can make it for the same day.

Please see the approximate “labor hours” estimated for each service on the pricing page.  Each vehicle is dependent on the size, condition, and services selected. Almost every job except ceramic coatings, we can usually complete for same day service and we will always consult with you the estimated time of completion.

We accept all Major Credit/Debit cards, cash and zelle (under $1k for Zelle or the bank puts it on hold) We do not accept checks of any kind.

Yes, all of these can increase the price depending how much time we have to spend on it.  Each vehicle is a case by case basis but if there is any of these, expect it to be more based on the level of severity.

We do have a lounge with wifi, seating for anyone who would like to wait while their car is being detailed, however we only recommend this for clients who are getting a maintenance wash, mini express, standard detail or if their car doesn’t need too much done.  Many of our services take all day or longer and it can get noisy from our equipment.  If waiting, we recommend to bring airpod pros or any other noise cancelling headphones and we have disposable earplugs for your convenience as well.

Those $1 Touchless washes work great, proper hand washing technique or ask us as we offer a maintenance wash or mini express service to our existing clients only.

We recommend either a 1 year ceramic coating upgrade which starts at $200 for smaller vehicles to ensure the results stay.  Or a 5 year ceramic is always the best (but more costly) way to protect the results.

Water spots need to be polished on the paint and glass in order to be removed.  Depending on severity but each of these require a signature detail in order to be treated but glass is extra.  The signature includes a 1 step polish on the painted parts only.  Let us know if water spots on the glass are an issue and we will consult with you and give you an estimate.

We email a response almost always within a couple hours and always within 24 hours. Please check your spam/junk mail also and sometimes it goes there if you don’t see it right away.

Please see [this link] about ceramic coating and our pricing sheet for more details.

Depending on the severity of pet hair it may cost a little bit more. The longer it takes to get all the pet hair and slobber the more it will cost.

Possibly. The price is dependent on the condition of the car and how much work will go into it. It is common for new cars to have paint swirling and imperfections.

Yes it should be as the price is dependent on the condition of the car and how much work will go into it.

We require a $50 deposit to book an appointment, this $50 goes towards your total payment.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, it must be done minimum 72 hours prior to your appointment in order to receive a refund or reschedule the appointment without losing the deposit.

If you are very happy with your service and our detail techs gave you excellent customer service, were on time, and communicated with you, it is optional but very much appreciated.  ALL tips go towards the hourly technicians working on your vehicle.